Saturday, 15 March 2014

What could possibly enhance this image?

Today The Independent reported the death of Glenn McDuffie, aged 86. That name probably won't mean much to you, but it's a fair bet that you will recognise the man behind it. 

You see, Glenn was the sailor in this famous photograph taken by Alfred Eisenstaed on August 14th 1945, in Time Square, New York. Over the years it has become a symbol of the joy experienced at the end of the Second World War. I can add nothing to the raw human emotion recorded in this amazing image, but I believe the work of a friend of mine may just do that.

Please, if possible, turn off any noise around you, sit, and allow yourself three minutes and fifteen seconds to listen to Donna Gagnon reading The Kiss.

Rest in peace, Glenn McDuffie, you have a very special place in human history.


  1. Thank you so much, Oscar, for not only remembering the small story I wrote, but for sharing it today.

  2. It has been my pleasure and a privilege, Donna. Few pieces of writing are truly unforgettable but The Kiss is one, and I have a very poor memory. When I saw that image again, and took in the passing of Glenn McDuffie, I felt that your writing and that image should be melded in as many minds as I could reach.

  3. Very nice. I read about McDuffie's death in the paper this morning.