Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Manic Creativity?

Ah! That explains a lot. Research confirms connection between creativity and certain mental conditions, according to the BBC

Seriously though, it figures. I met this guy once, a guest at a writers' group  – nice guy. He was a bit socially awkward, but we got on really well. After a while, he told me he was a diagnosed schizophrenic but he was okay because the drugs were working. I was cool with that, but it did worry me a bit when I realised that in many ways I had more in common with the guy than I have with a lot of 'normal' people I know. And he clearly identified with, and felt comfortable in the presence of, creative people.

Made me think a bit about what being  'normal' means, if anything.

And then there was that TV programme a while back fronted by Stephen Fry; Tony Slattery was featured in it. I can't remember what it was called. It was about manic depression… no, that's not what they call it nowadays, is it? Bipolar disorder, that's it. Often goes hand in hand with depression, and with creativity apparently. The programme emphasized observed parallels between bipolar disorder and creativity. At one point, Stephen asked Tony (indicating a hypothetical 'button') if by pressing the button he could be free of the 'disorder', would he push it. Without hesitation, Tony said he would not. Clearly the creative benefit / high outweighed the negative / low.

So, summing up: to be creative you've got to be slightly potty, eh?

Guess I really am a little bit creative after all?

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