Monday, 14 May 2012

Small is Beautiful – National Flash Fiction Day

In case you haven't heard, Wednesday, May 16th – yes, that is in two days time – will be the first ever National Flash Fiction Day.

The National bit applies to the UK, but  there is also an International Flash Fiction Day in tandem.

So, wherever you reside in the world, you still have tomorrow to submit contributions to the FlashFlood Journal, which will appear online during National Flash Fiction Day, starting from around midnight on May 15th (all times are BST) with contributions added regularly throughout the day.

I'm pleased to report that the FlashFlood Journal editors have accepted a piece of mine, Bent, which I understand will be posted between 12:00 and 12:30.

It is great to be involved with the inaugural National Flash Fiction Day, which the indefatigable Calum Kerr has worked on for so long to bring to fruition.

Next Wednesday promises to be a bundle of fun for writers and readers alike. I hope to see you there.