Saturday, 15 January 2011

Brought to Book by FOSSLs

QUESTION: What do you do if your local authority threatens to close your library?
  1. Tut under your breath and dump the offending free newspaper into the recycling bin
  2. Kick the cat
  3. Shake your head and open another can of lager
  4. Organise for all 16,000 books to be borrowed at once
 ANSWER: 4, if you are a member of the Friends of Stony Stratford Library (FOSSL), according to the UK Press Association,  and the Guardian.

I've no idea how this amazing stand-off will turn out, but you have to hand it to the FOSSLs for an original approach to combating the cost-cutting philistines.

How about we writers and readers get behind these people and give them the publicity they deserve?

Please retweet this via the button below. Or, better still – if you're on Twitter – please tweet your feelings to the hashtag #savelibraries, and/or #FOSSL and 'like' the Facebook page of Save Libraries.

Thank you in anticipation of your support.

Have a great weekend.