Tuesday, 17 August 2010

"Which Battle of Britain?"

 ... said the shop girl to Ronald Tooke, World War Two RAF veteran. *

It makes me so sad to realise that an increasing number of young people are unaware that an unprecedented battle occurred in British skies – reaching its turning point seventy years ago this week – which, had it been lost by the young people of that time, would have rendered the possibility of our freedom – our very existence – today highly unlikely.

BBC Radio 4 is broadcasting an excellent daily series on the Battle of Britain, see links below.

This was my rather pathetic attempt to recreate the atmosphere of that time on EDF a year or two back. If you are kind enough to read it,  please take time to check out the Guinea Pig Club link.

If you have time to listen to the two BBC pieces – and I hope you do – at the end of Day 1 you'll hear the voice of James Nicholson VC, who was the inspiration for my – entirely fictional – story.

BBC: Battle of Britain - Day 1

BBC: Battle of Britain - Day 2 *

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