Thursday, 14 October 2010

Tantric Sex and the Short Fiction Competition (and Radio)

It was a dark and stormy night and Edward Bulwar-Lytton strode manfully up Holywell Hill toward the White Hart Hotel notorious for the debauched revelry of St Albans' own Hellfire Club, known in polite Hertfordshire circles by the euphemistic epithet of Verulam Writers' Circle.

Sorry, this post has nothing at all to do with Tantric Sex or Short Fiction Competitions. But now that I have your attention: About my first radio interview...

Well, both Danny Smith and I seem to have survived, but this was in no way thanks to my BT line and/or phone handset, as you may confirm by following this link, kindly provided by Ian Cundell and Verulam Writers' Circle.

Perhaps my next broadcast to the world will be more successful if I update my technology?

Shame really, my call centre was considered state-of-the-ark in an earlier life in the electrical service industry.

IN PASSING (But not too soon, I hope): I'll be reading at the Verulam Writers' Circle Open Mic Night (part of National Short Story Week celebration) at the Goat Inn in St Albans on Thursday 25th November at 7:00pm and again at the amazing SPARKS event in Brighton, also in November, on the same bill as my old mate Jonathan Pinnock (full details to be confirmed later). I just hope the latter event doesn't coincide with another London Underground strike like last time.

BREAKING NEWS (More socially acceptable I find than breaking wind, marginally): Jon P and I (Honestly, we're just good friends) have each received a commission to write a flash fiction piece to accompany an illustration by Andy Bigwood, twice winner of the British Science Fiction Association Art Award, in a forthcoming book of his artwork.

BY THE WAY: It's come to my attention that the lights have been left on again on this blog and the milk's gone off because you've not put it back in the fridge. You're the only visitor I have - yes, you know who you are - so I know who to blame. Look, we must look after the pennies so I can buy a new phone, okay?

Bye for now. Don't have nightmares, I'm quite safe... Well, I would say that, wouldn't I?

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